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What's next for Fancy Fab Boutique in Downtown Chaska?

I wanted to find the perfect time to write this blog post and then I realized there wasn't a perfect time to write it so I just sat down and went for it.


What once began as an online shop in January of 2015 soon turned into online + a brick and mortar in September 2015. It all happened within a few months when this small, quaint space in the back of a building in historic downtown Chaska fell into our hands. It's old charming feel was perfect for our first brick and mortar. We began to grow and wanted to bring in more of a selection for you, so in September 2017 we expanded into a second space in that same building as soon as it opened up. We didn't open up walls, we just decided to work with both spaces the best that we could. In April 2018 we opened our 2nd location in uptown Minneapolis and we decided to make our Minneapolis location our main boutique. Moving our downtown Chaska boutique to every full 3rd Thursday-Saturday of the month with occasional pop-ups during major events.


Wow! That was my reaction after we started doing that in downtown Chaska. We had people waiting to get into our Chaska location before we even opened our doors, the two spaces filled up so much it often times would become arm to arm, we quickly realized the one dressing room wouldn't be enough and luckily for us our common room bathroom had enough space for us to place a mirror, but with all of that came major questioning. Are the shoppers comfortable with this while shopping for clothing? Do they feel rushed? Is this something we want to do long term with the small spaces and the odd hours? I just kept thinking about it for months and what you guys were feeling when you stopped by. What was great at the beginning, was now not ideal for what we wanted for Fancy Fab Boutique.


It's so amazing to see the support you guys have shown us since we opened in downtown Chaska and during all the intense construction we endured. Even now when we are not open you support us by showing up on the weekend we are open, ordering online, or evening surprising us with taking a trip to the "city" <3  That is loyalty and we have been blessed with that wonderful opportunity of meeting each of you that has stepped foot into the boutique. That is what makes downtown Chaska a great community, it's YOU, the people from Chaska and those who travel from all the surrounding cities to support the small businesses. That is what has made downtown Chaska's shopping experience what it is today!


Back to the questions? What are we going to do?


The lease is coming to an end soon and I was determined to find the ultimate spot to move the boutique too, while keeping it in historic downtown Chaska. The spot had to be just what I was going for and I would only know if I got that gut feeling of "GO" when it's the right one. The clock was ticking day by day and I kept asking myself what's next for the Chaska location & praying hard? Will a charming space with more room fall into our hands like it did almost 3 years ago?


With a heavy heart, the space we truly wanted to find for Fancy Fab Boutique was not found, and we are sad to say that we will be closing our (2) downtown Chaska spaces in the same building on the corner of 2nd & Walnut on September 29th.


I am proud, and I say this with a huge smile on my face because along this journey I got to meet you. Each of you that I've got the privilege to meet through the Chaska location have made a difference in my life somehow and many of you inspired me. Each decision that was made was always in the best interest of you, the shoppers, and we hope that you know just how important you are to us.  We may be closing our downtown Chaska location, but we are still around at our uptown Minneapolis location & with convenient online shopping.  We also are going to be in touch with some downtown businesses to have fun pop-up shops at & will still be part of the great city by taking part in events & enjoying the activities in the city where Fancy Fab Boutique opened it's first brick and mortar.

At the same time, this isn't something easy to share and has been very tough for me, but I know things happen for a reason. Like they say some things fall apart so that better things can fall together and maybe just one day that perfect spot for Fancy Fab Boutique will be there waiting for us and we'll be back to the great downtown Chaska. For now we will enjoy this journey.


The next open dates will be:

September 21st from 10-5pm

September 22nd from 10-4pm --- This day we will also be celebrating our 3 year Anniversary. Our Anniversary would be on the 27th, but why not throw a party a few days early, right? More details to come on the event page as it will be our last day that our two spaces located at 116 E. 2nd. St. will be open.

September 29th from 10-4pm we will have a pop-up boutique out front of the building located at 116 E. 2nd St. for the 2nd annual, 2nd Street Block party. ----Last year the block party was a great time. We highly recommend grabbing the family and joining in all the fun activities the city puts on + stopping by to say "see ya later" at our pop-up boutique out front. <3 <3 (Please keep in mind on the 29th we will only be outside and trying the clothing on will be limited)


Photo below is from Grand Opening Day in Downtown Chaska

September 27th 2015

Photo below is from the Grand Open Day of the 2nd Space in the building + our Anniversary Celebration.

September 23rd 2017


 Our new Uptown Minneapolis location that opened in April 2018

will now be open every

Thursday 11-6pm

Friday 10-5pm

Saturday 10-4pm

Closed Sunday-Wednesday

beginning in September.


  • We are teaming up with other local businesses in the city and will be kicking off some fabulous events at our Minneapolis shop to create an even more unique shopping experience for you all! Stay tuned for those events to be posted on our social media soon!

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 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of you that we got to meet along the way and the great friendships we get to have with us for a lifetime. To the wonderful city of Chaska (SSD/DTBA) for showing their support over these years. To the Fab team who rocked the days/weekends we were open at that location. 


With tears beginning to fill my eyes, I will conclude by saying

It's been an amazing journey and I am truly, truly grateful for these 3 years. 

......and always remember that you are


Lacey & the Fancy Fab Boutique team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

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