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SURPRISE! We have big things happening at Fancy Fab Boutique

As we finished out 2017, we mentioned to all of you that many great things were to come in 2018 for Fancy Fab Boutique. Well more exciting news is here!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be able to share it with all of you who have shopped small and supported us since we opened up our doors in historic downtown Chaska in September of 2015. It’s been quite an amazing journey and we have built many wonderful relationships with those of you who stepped foot into our door. Your stories, your quick drop ins just to say hello, and most importantly your loyalty to us here at Fancy Fab Boutique. As I type this with many emotions (mostly exciting) going through my head I am overjoyed to announce that Fancy Fab Boutique is opening a second location! It was an opportunity that came our way this past month and after long talks with my husband and many hours praying about the future of Fancy Fab Boutique, we couldn’t pass this second spot up. With great excitement there can also come tough decisions. We want to begin by saying we aren’t closing the doors of our Chaska location, however we are joining a few of our amazing neighbors and going on board with being open only occasionally at our Chaska location in downtown. 

Every  3rd Thursday, Friday, & Saturday of the month.

You all are the reason we are here and have been going strong for 2+ years in the historic building on the corner of 2nd & Walnut, along with expanding into a second space in the same building in September of 2017 on our 2 year anniversary (That new space will soon have hard wood floors, grey walls, & white trim just like our back space so stay tuned for all of those dates to begin), and launching a completely new website at the beginning of the 2018 year.  As we get settled into our second location we will be adding additional open days for all the events coming up in downtown Chaska this summer. The outpouring support you have showed up is what makes this tough to not be open regularly like we have for the last couple of years. We pray that those of you who have shopped with us in the past continue to visit us with your big smiles when we are open, or treat yourself to some new clothes online with our newly launched website, or better yet, take a trip to our new second location!

<<We promise it’s not that far>>

Now to announce the city of our second location:

As some of you know my husband and I enjoy shopping small and local ourselves for pretty much everything and enjoying a delicious meal + beverage from a “hot” spot that is more in likely on a list of places to eat, shop, or visit in Minnesota!  The urban feel and creative vibe we get when we walk these historic streets gives us the feeling of really being able to embrace our true colors. With immense excitement we couldn’t be more proud to be joining the Lowry Hill East neighborhood AKA the “Wedge neighborhood or "Uptown" in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Being able to join this dynamic neighborhood filled with amazing quaint boutiques, coffee shops, eateries, just to name a few and be close to the vibrant LynLake & Whittier areas is what was next for Fancy Fab Boutique and its future. Our love for old fashioned buildings and the history this building holds was truly another gem that seemed fitting for the next Fancy Fab Boutique. In this new space we will almost be doubling our square footage of what we currently have and have a back room to fulfill the online orders from our newly launched website. No more having to get the online orders done in the middle of the shop when they come through. This space will allow for us to expand our trendy + unique affordable fashion to not only the west metro area, but to all around the twin cities, and the city that I call home, Minneapolis. It will allow us to build more relationships within the community, grow with other small shop owners like we have here in downtown Chaska, and meet many new faces, hear their stories, and be inspired by what sets their soul on fire just like what we have here in Chaska! For that we are truly grateful!

We appreciate all of you and will continue to update you on opening dates of our new Minneapolis location, address, the hours we will be open, and all the sneak peeks of the team preparing the new space.

Our last regular open day for Fancy Fab Boutique in downtown Chaska will be on Friday, March 23rd, from 10am-5pm and our first occasional shop weekend in Chaska will be April 19th-21st // Thursday 11-6pm ,Friday 10-6pm, & Saturday 10-4pm.

We are looking forward to continuing on this journey we have been so greatly blessed with. Faith, hard work, sacrifice, determination, persistence, & prayer have helped us to celebrate this wonderful thing to come for Fancy Fab Boutique. To have had and continue to have you a long side of us every step of the way means more than words can say. With tears of joy running down on the computer keyboard I want to conclude by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Here are too many more amazing things to come for our Chaska location, our e-commerce website, and our new home in Minneapolis.


Lacey and all of us here at Fancy Fab Boutique


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  • Jayme: March 14, 2018

    Lacey! This is so exciting! Congrats!!! Such a wonderful opportunity:)

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