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Lacey Mwaura - Founder, Owner, & Stylist

1. I must have at least 3+ cups of coffee in the morning before I start my day.
2. My week always feels different if I don't attend church on Sundays. I never like to miss it and 2 hours at my church feels like 1 minute, as I could be in Gods house ALL day long.
3. I used to have very crooked teeth, so if you see me ALWAYS smiling and smiling big, it's because I'm grateful everyday my mother gave me the gift of having dental braces for almost 4 years.
4. I have roughly 50+ colors of lipstick <<--a little obsessed
5. My sweet dog Toto was my life and loved being held like a little baby on my hip all day, every day. I miss him so much.
6. I love ice cream so much I probably have it every day. (even in the winter)
7. I love taking photos, I cherish being able to look back at those memories any time I want. So if I am not taking hundreds of pictures, then something probably isn't quite right 
8. I am a lover of local breweries and enjoy trying different delicious brews that are made right here in Minnesota.
9. I enjoy spending any free time being outdoors in all seasons and that is why Minnesota is my home!!
10. I love traveling. Seeing other places in the world has really opened my eyes and gave me a mindset of being grateful every single day. Hoping to visit most, if not all 50 states by age 30. Good or bad, there is always something to be THANKFUL for! 

Hannah Carlin - Stylist

1. She attends the University of Minnesota, she is studying microbiology and public health and loves everything science.
2. Winter is her favorite season because she loves to downhill ski.
3. Van Gogh and Monet are her favorite artists and her walls are covered in art prints.
4. In her free time you can find her reading, painting, embroidering and traveling.
5. She recently studied abroad in Paris, France for an art and music program.

Rose Draper - Stylist

1. She would choose her same career as she did 40 years ago.
2. In her spare time, she likes to sew, play cards, camp, and spend time with her family.
3. She loves ice cream
4. She thinks snow is pretty
5. Loves being a grandma

Lindsay Radmann - Stylist
1. She has been married to her husband, Casey for 15 years. They have an 8 year old son, named Parker.
2. She loves animals and owns a cat named Riley and a Pomeranian/Chihuahua dog named Toby.
3. She has spent most of her career as a Project Manager across Minneapolis and currently works as a freelancer.
4. She is a huge Prince fan. She was in attendance at his last party at Paisley Park a few days before he passed.
5. She enjoys traveling all around!

Charles Mwaura - Owner, IT, & Marketing

1. He is originally from Kenya and can speak 3 languages fluently along with 2 others on occasion.
2. He loves reading books any chance he gets. 
3. He is a handyman and can fix pretty much anything that needs fixing. 
4. He enjoys traveling to new places all around the world.
5. He likes cooking and grilling.

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